2021 DATES


- 5th Feb to 2nd March - OCEANX - BBC                                MAURITUS  

- 2nd to 24th January -  OCEANX - BBC                              INDIAN OCEAN


                                                  2020 DATES


- 17th Nov to 11th Dec - OCEANX - BBC                                  ALDABRA

- 5th to 30th October - OCEANX - BBC                                     MALDIVES

- 20th August to 14th September - OCEANX - BBC                  MAYOTTE

- 15th to 18th August - Edinburgh Book Festival                      SCOTLAND

- 1st to 25th July - OCEANX - BBC                                       SOUTH AFRICA

- 28th to 31st July - PENCIL - 'COLOUR' - Humble Bee Films      ITALY

- 3rd to 5th June - 'COLOUR' - Humble Bee Films                           UK

- 26th and 27th May - Hay Book Festival                             HAY-ON-WYE, UK

- 20th to 22nd May - 'COLOUR' - Humble Bee Films                        UK

- 20th April to 11th May - LOOP - Silverback Films                   COSTA RICA

- 16th April - PREMIERE

  David Attenborough - A Life on Our Planet                      ROYAL ALBERT HALL

- 15th to 26th March - Disneynature - Silverback Productions    SVALBARD

- 26th February - Edward Stanton Travel Writing Awards            LONDON

- 17th February - Royal Holloway University lecture                     LONDON

- 3rd to 10th February - Emirates Literary Festival                         DUBAI

- 1st to 31st January - Frozen Planet 2                                       ANTARTICA


                                                 2019 DATES


- 10th Dec to 31st Jan 2020 - Frozen Planet 2                            ANTARTICA

- 19th November - Natural History Museum book talk                LONDON, UK

- 12th October - Wimbledon Book Festival                                         UK

- 10th October - Guildford Book Festival                                             UK

- 29th Aug to 8th Sept - Frozen Planet 2 - BBC                      SOUTH GEORGIA

- 26th August - Bosideng promo                                                         UK

- 23rd August - Points West - BBC1 Regional South West                 UK

- 22nd Ausgust - The One Show - BBC1                                            UK

- 30th June to 1st July - Saving Our Planet                                         UK

- 21st -22nd July - Saving Our Planet - Sir David Attenborough         UK

- 22nd June - 7th July - Brunello Cucinelli - Kemmel Productions     ITALY

- 13th to 16th June - Fernando Alonso at Le Mans

                                for Citi Private Bank                                         FRANCE

- 7th to 11th June - Falconeri with Irina Shayk                                 ICELAND

- 19th to 31st May - 'Colour' with Sir David Attenborough -

                               for Humble Bee Films                                     COSTA RICA

- 13th to 18th May - Giorgio Armani eyeware - The Box Films            ITALY

- 7th to 9th May - Journeys in the Wild - Audiobook record                   UK

- 1st to 30th March - Saving Our Planet                                             JAPAN

- 9th to 15th Feb - Saving Our Planet                                                  INDIA

- 27th Jan to 8th Feb - Saving Our Planet                                       SINGAPORE                    

- 22nd to 26th Jan - Saving Our Planet                                         SWITZERLAND                                                    


                                          2018 DATES    


- 27th Nov to 7th Dec - Saving Our Planet                                            USA

- 7th to 13th October - Saving Our Planet                                           KENYA

- 13th to 16th September - Saving Our Planet                                  UKRAINE

- 4th August - Wedding                                                                           UK

- 5th and 6th July - Saving Our Planet                                                    UK

- 13th to 29th June - Delta Productions Ltd                                     BOTSWANA

- 5th to 9th June - Saving Our Planet                                                      UK

- 17th May - Marine Plastics Conference 2018                              LONDON, UK

- 8th to 15th April - The Box Films for Giorgio Armani                           IBIZA

- 26th Feb to 5th March - The Box Films for Barillo                        IVORY COAST

- 26th Jan to 15th Feb - Our Planet - Silverback Films/NETFLIX          PERU                                                   



                                            2017 DATES


- 31st Nov to 21st Dec - Our Planet - Silverback Films/NETFLIX       NAMIBIA

- 18th to 31st November - Our Planet - Silverback Films/NETFLIX       UAE

- 25th Oct to 12th Nov - Delta - Delta Productions/Disneynature     ZIMBABWE

- 11th Sept to 1st Oct - Nongfu commercial - Silverback Films            CHINA

- 15th to 30th July - Nongfu commercial - Silverback Films                 CHINA

- 29th June - Mavens of London                                                              UK

- 25 April - Royal Geographical Society                                                  UK

- 17th to 20th April - Commercial Drone Training                                    UK

- 5th to 20th June - Nongfu commercial - Silverback Films                  CHINA

- 28th May to 4th June - 'Blue Planet 2' - BBC                                  DOMINICA

- 14th to 22nd May - 'Blue Planet 2' - BBC                                             USA

- 26th Mar to 4th Apr - The Box Films for Giorgio Armani                 PORTUGAL

- PENCIL 13th Jan to 13th Feb - Silverback Films/NETFLIX                PERU


                                                       2016 DATES


- 25th Nov - 27th Dec - 'Blue Planet 2' - BBC                                  ANTARTICA

- 23rd Nov -  Richmond with David Attenborough                                   UK

- 2nd to 19th Nov - 'Our Planet' - Silverback/NETFLIX                 SOUTH AFRICA

- 6th - 24th Oct - DELTA - Delta Productions/Disneynature             ZIMBABWE

- 8th to 30th Sept - 'Our Planet'  - Silverback/NETFLIX                         USA

- 2nd Aug to 4th Sept - 'Our Planet' - Silverback/NETFLIX                 BRAZIL

- 21st to 26th June - Arcadia - Glastonbury 2016                                   UK

- 21st June - Richmond with David Attenborough                                   UK

- 25th May to 18th June - 'Blue Planet 2' BBC                           SEA OF CORTEZ

- 12 - 13th May - Humble Bee  'Attenborough's Curiosities'               SPAIN

- 8th May - BBC Breakfast - [email protected]                                     UK          

- 19th April to 6th May - EA7 for Giorgio Armani                  CANARY ISLANDS & UK

- 15th March - 'Zoo Quest Revisited' - BBC                                          UK

- 23rd March - 'Attenborough at 90' - BBC1                                          UK

- 7th March - 'Attenborough at 90' - BBC                                              UK

- 14th Feb to 3rd March - 'Our Planet' Silverback/NETFLIX               USA

- 24th to 29th Jan - Giorgio Armani / The Box Films                      AUSTRIA



                                                       2015 DATES


- 27th Nov to 18th Dec - 'Planet Earth 2' BBC1                           ROME, ITALY

- 19th Nov. - Blue Peter (live broadcast CBBC)                             SALFORD

- 18th Nov. - Wildlife Filmaking talk - University of Exeter         FALMOUTH, UK

- 1st to 8th Nov. - The Box Films / Valentino                                   KENYA

- 21st Sept - 10th Oct - The Box Films/Giorgio Armani        FRA, USA, TUR & ITA

- PENCIL 17th & 18th September - Mercedes                                    UK

- 5th to 28th August. 'Planet Earth 2' BBC1                                    BRAZIL

- 20th to 4th Aug. 'Planet Earth 2' BBC1                                           USA

- 4th to 25th June. 'Blue Planet 2' BBC1                                   GALAPAGOS

- 11th to 28th May. Rob Whitworth                                                TURKEY

- 28th Apr ro 5th May. 'Blue Planet 2' BBC 1                             COSTA RICA

- 11th to 17th April. NAB for SONY                                                   USA

- 11th to 22nd March. 'The Hunt' Hunter Films for BBC1            THAILAND

- 26th Feb to 11th Mar. 'Planet Earth 2' BBC1                          SINGAPORE

- 29th Jan to 16th Feb. 'Planet Earth 2' BBC Bristol                       INDIA

- 18th to 28th Jan. 'Monkey Kingdom' - Jungle Beat  Ltd           SRI LANKA


                                                    2014 DATES


- 25th Nov - 10th Dec. The Box Films - Giorgio Armani    FINLAND, ARGENTINA


- 22nd Oct to 15th November. 'Blue Planet 2'                          AUSTRALIA

- 28th Sept to 21st Oct. Jungle Beat Productions Ltd               SRI LANKA

- 16th July to 15th August. Jungle Beat Productions Ltd          SRI LANKA

- 25th to 29th June. Arcadia Spectacular, Glastonbury                  UK

- 10th & 11th June. Attenborough's Birds of Paradise. BBC          UK

- 22nd April to 1st June. Jungle Beat Productions Ltd              SRI LANKA

- 1st April. 'Birds of Paradise' BBC Bristol                                      UK

- 6th Feb to 20th March. Jungle Beat Productions Ltd             SRI LANKA

- 3rd and 4th February. 'Birds of Paradise' BBC Bristol                 UK

- 8th to 16th January. 'One Life' BBC Bristol                            KALAHARI                                              


                                                     2013 DATES  


- 7th October to 10th Nov. Jungle Beat Productions Ltd         SRI LANKA

- 25th July to 31st August. Grizzly Bear Productions Ltd          ALASKA

- 11th July. Talk at King's School Gloucester.                               UK

- 12th June to 10th July. Jungle Beat Productions Ltd            SRI LANKA

- 1st April to 12th May.  Jungle Beat Productions Ltd              SRI LANKA

- 20th March. Nottingham University                                             UK

- 6th February to 12th March. Jungle Story Productions Ltd   SRI LANKA


                                                    2012 DATES  


- 19th October to 28th Nov. Jungle Story Productions Ltd      SRI LANKA

- 9th August to 2nd October. Grizzly Bear Productions Ltd       ALASKA

- 6th June to 18th July.  Jungle Story Productions Ltd            SRI LANKA

- 20th April to 25th May. "Planet Earth Live" BBC1                 SRI LANKA

- 16th - 20th April. Attenborough's Life Stories' BBC2                  UK

- 10th/11th April. 'The One Show' BBC 1                                      UK

- 28th March. Royal Mail - Interact Consultancy Ltd                     UK

- 6th to 8th Mar.  Royal Mail - Interact Consultancy Ltd                UK

- 23rd to 25th February - "London Markets" Indus Films              UK

- 9th January to 10th February. BBC Africa                              NAMIBIA


                                                      2011 DATES


- 9th to 18th December. Wild Horizons                            TIKAL, GUATEMALA

- 18th & 24th November. "Attenborough's Life Stories" BBC        UK

- 21st November.  Nottingham University                                      UK

- 7th to 12th Nov. "Faster, Higher, Stronger" BBC                         UK

- 31st October. "Royal Mail - A Time for Change". HB440            UK

- 4th to 24th October with Sir David Attenborough                    BORNEO

- 24th to 30th August. Wild Horizons Ltd Hurricane Irene            USA

- 20th August. "See no Evil " Graffiti festival                             BRISTOL

- 30th June to 15th August. Wild Horizons Ltd.              SOUTH DAKOTA, USA

- 22nd - 25th June.  FILMING 'Arcadia' stage                 GLASTONBURY, UK

- 10th April to 15th May. Wild Horizons Ltd.                        ALABAMA, USA

- 3rd to 19th March. "North America" - Wild Horizons Ltd    COSTA RICA

- CANCELLED. Great Ape Prods for Disney Nature           IVORY COAST

- 3rd to 10th February. 'WILD AFRICA' series BBC1             MOROCCO

- 2nd February. Wildlife filmaking lecture.                 NOTTINGHAM UNIVERSITY, UK

- 10th to 24th January. 'WILD AFRICA' series BBC1            MOROCCO


                                                    2010 DATES


- 15th to 18th December. NHK                                                         UK

- 10th to 24th November. Back to the Planet.                       TURKMENISTAN

- 24th Sept to 7th October. Wild Horizons Ltd                       VERMONT, USA

- 20th Aug to 10th Sept. "Dragons". Humble Bee Productions  KOMODO

- 12th July to 5th August. "North America". Wild Horizons Ltd.      USA

- 23rd to 28th June. Glastonbury, "Arcadia" stage.                           UK

- 2nd to 22nd June. "Noth America". Wild Horizons Ltd.                USA

- 26th and 27th May. "Wild Night in". BBC                              LONDON ZOO

- 31st March to 6th May. Frozen Planet                     SVALBARD + NORTH POLE

- 13th to 29th March. BBC Bristol                                           MADAGASCAR

- 24th February to 15th March. Promo and Wildeye trip.              KENYA

- 10th and 12th February. AUDI, IT-Connects                                   UK

- 23rd Nov '09 to 30th Jan 2010 Frozen Planet           MCMURDO + SOUTH POLE


                                            2009  DATES


- 19th Nov to 25th Jan (2010). Frozen Planet            MCMURDO + SOUTH POLE

- 28th October to 18th November, it-connects Ltd. AUDI                UK

- 28th Sept to 4th October. BBC "Human Planet"                         INDIA

- 27th September. BBC "Invisible Worlds"                                       UK

- 18th August to 7th September. BBC Human Planet               CAMBODIA

- 24th July to 13th Aug. "Planet of the Ants" Ammonite Ltd    ARIZONA, USA

- 10th July. "Frankencam" training                                                BRISTOL, UK

- 3rd to 26th June. Human Planet, BBC.                              PAPUA NEW GUINEA

Cancelled 13th to 25th May. Human Planet                                       MALI

- 15th to 30th March. "Mambas" Tigress Productions.              SWAZILAND  

- 2nd - 12th March. Wildeye trip.                                                       KENYA

- 17th January to 25th February. Indus Films                                  GABON


                                             2008  DATES


- 29th to 31st October. Audi/VW Elsa-pro rollout DVD                      UK

- 4th August to 7th September. "Life" BBC Bristol                        ALASKA

- 22nd June to 29th July. "Life" BBC Bristol                                   CONGO

- 16th to 19th June. "Job Done" ALC/MOD. HB440                           UK

- 22nd May to 12th June. "Life" BBC Bristol                             MADAGASCAR

- 20th May. Renault/Nissan culture promo                                           UK

- 28th April  to 16th May. "Life" BBC Bristol                                   CANADA

- 3rd April to 17th April. "Life" BBC Bristol                                    NAMIBIA

- 20th March. "Inside Life" CBBC                                                    WALES

-11th February to 10th March. "Life" BBC Bristol                     ANTARCTICA

-10th February. "World on the Move" Radio 4                              BRISTOL


                                                2007  DATES


- 23rd November to 23rd December. "Life" BBC Bristol            AUSTRALIA

- 11th October to 17th November  "Life"                                        CONGO

- 14th - 18th September.                                                               MOROCCO

- 7th - 28th August  "Life" BBC Bristol                                             BRAZIL

- 26th July - 1st August "Life" BBC Bristol                                     FRANCE

- 21st - 23rd July.                                                                            DUBLIN

- 26th May - 30th June "Earths Great Events"                    BRITISH COLUMBIA

- 21st April - 20th May. "Life" BBC Bristol                                  COSTA RICA

- 20th April. BBC "Viewer Content Pilot" BBC Birmingham               UK

- 9th - 18th April. "Saving Planet Earth" with Sir David Attenborough  UK

- 24th February to 5th April. "Earths Great Events"                         ALASKA

- 15th & 16th February. "BBC HD training"                                 BRISTOL, UK.

- 3rd to 25th January. "Life in Cold Blood".                               MADAGASCAR


                                     2006   DATES


- 3rd to 23rd December. "Meerkat Manor Movie"  OSF           SOUTH AFRICA

- 5th November to 1st December.  "Life in Cold Blood".              AUSTRALIA

- 25th October to 4th November.                                                   SINGAPORE

- 27th September to 13th October.  "Life in Cold Blood".       SOUTH AFRICA

- 1st September to 26th September. "Big Cat Week"                   KENYA

- 24th August to 1st September. "Rhino Nights"                            KENYA

- 16th July - 14th August. Pencil - "Rhino Nights"                         NAMIBIA

- 3rd July - 7th July. "Impossible Journey" Granada,Bristol.             UK

- 30th May - 26th June. "Life in Cold Blood".                                    USA

- 21st May - 26th May. "Wensleydale" BBC Bristol                     ENGLAND

- 7th May - 17th May. Pencil. Chalon corporate DVD                  ENGLAND

- 20th April - 7th May. Planet Earth BBC.                              ASCENSION ISLAND

- 28th March - 16th April. BBC Bristol "Life in Cold Blood    MINORCA/MAJORCA

-17th March - 24th March. Chalon corporate promo                    ENGLAND

- 22th February - 15th March. Tigress Bristol                           MADAGASCAR

- 2nd January  ~ 7th February.  OSF/Animal Planet                    KALAHARI




                                                2005   DATES


- 10th October  ~ 14th November.  OSF/Animal Planet                     KALAHARI

- 26th September ~ 9th October.  "BEARS"  BBC Bristol.                 ALASKA

-10th ~ 24th September. "State of the Ape" BBC  Bristol                  BORNEO

- 6th September   "2 Bald Bastards" promo                                        UK

- 31st July ~ 24th Aug.  "BEARS"   BBC Bristol.                              ALASKA

- 14th July - "Last Chance to Save" Tiger Aspect                               UK

- 7th July Video workshop @ Wildscreen                                        BRISTOL  

- 4th ~ 28th June. "BEARS"  BBC Bristol.                                       ALASKA

- 31st May ~ 3rd June  "Planet Earth"                                                 UK

- 2nd ~ 16th  May. "Wild Gorillas" BBC Bristol.                        CENTRAL AFRICA

- 31st March ~ 21st April 2005. BBC Bristol                     DOMINICA, CARIBBEAN

- 9th February ~ 7th March 2005. BBC "Life in the Undergrowth"       SABAH

- 6th ~ 11th January 2005. Time Lapse project.                             New York  USA




                                      2004  DATES


-29th October ~ 28th November 2004- BBC "Planet Earth"            GABON

-28th September ~ 17th October 2004- "Planet Earth"                    NEPAL

-4th ~ 31st September 2004. Big Cat Diary                                     KENYA

-10th  ~ 31st August 2004. BBC "Planet Earth"                                 USA

-28th July 2004. BBC

 "The Natural History of Britain and Europe" with Alan Titchmarsh.   UK

-26th July to 5th August 2004. BBC "Life in the Undergrowth"           UK

-22nd July 2004. BBC "The Natural History of Britain" with Alan Titchmarsh. UK

-4th ~ 8th July 2004. BBC Bristol 1 day.

-12th -21st July - Corporate promo. Shaving Trout productions.        UK

-14th ~ 19th June 2004.  BBC Bristol. "Planet Earth".                  SWEDEN

-May 25nd ~ June 9th 2004. For Granada.                                      BRAZIL  

-24th April ~ 17th May 2004. For Granada.                                   SUMATRA

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